Hello this is Abba.

I am actually that simple, friendly & humble young man from one of small villages of Nigeria called Zugachi.

After running many unsuccessful blogs finally i managed to get one blog that looks like my name, i just added nseey at the end of my first name - cheers to me.

I am big fan of tech, reading books (especially religious, tech, history, novels and others), writing, watching movies and doing phone repairing at home.

I was born at Zugachi on 2nd February, 2001. Currently 19 years old in this 2020, and on 2nd February 2021, I'll be 20 years old fella.

I was also grew in extended family, almost all my parents, brothers and sisters, cousins and siblings are with me, we have been together since the time i open my eyes and see myself in this world.

My father's name is Abdullahi, while my grandfather's name is Abubakar (Garba), so me too my real name is Abubakar but i am popularly known as Abba.

My religion and language is my pride, my religion is mine and i believed in it. 

Don't ask me anything related to religion beliefs pls.

When i don't do anything, i love to write, read, do exercise and help people fix their own mini problems.