How to Add Cloudflare on Blogger Site - 2020

Due to poor load speed perfomance of most blogger templates it will be good idea to setup & add cloudflare on your site today.

Sometimes beginners to cloudflare are finding it difficult to perfectly add cloudflare on their blogger sites, me too some days back I'm victim of the same issue.

At first I was very confused after I discovered that my blogger site is having "Error Too Many Redirects" loop after I added it on cloudflare.

I just mumble wtf deep in my throat and skip the work completely for day 2 because I have so many works to do beside writing blog posts.

Later I also encounter "Site Not Secure" problem, after I added cloudflare on my blogger site.

Thank god, right now it's past story I'm telling you.

Hi guys welcome to AbbanSeey,  in this post I promise to show you how to setup cloudflare on blogger site perfectly without facing any problem.

But before we dig into our main topic, let us explore cloudflare and it's important first.

What Is CloudFlare

CloudFlare is an American multinational technology company, headquartered in San Francisco, offices in London and United Kingdom too.

Cloudflare company mainly provides customers with business including site safety management, performance, optimization and related technical support.

If you are looking for a good way to ensure your visitors can surf in a fast speed. CloudFlare is a good choice for you.

It adopts globally distributed network and automatically optimizes the delivery of web pages to create a fast page loading time. 

No matter how long the distance between your web host and your visitors is, CloudFlare ensures a fast speed by gaining access to static content. As a result, it enables your sites to load twice or thrice faster, it just depend on you site theme and contents.

CloudFlare offers many useful features for you to manage a site and make the site rank well in Search Engine Results Page, including DNS, CDN, Optimizer, Security, Analytics and Apps.

Below is detailed introduction on Cloudflare useful features and what they can do for you.


CloudFlare is more customized and uses a cloud based web application firewall to stop many of the nasty attacks in the form of comment spam and SQL injection from affecting your site. 

Besides, to avoid wasting your bandwidth and server sources (for wp users), CloudFlare blocks threats, limit abusive bots and crawlers from accessing your site.

However CloudFlare can also help you in getting genuine visitors and helps you earn more with your site if you're using any ad network.

It can also help in not being banned from adsense, due to abusive bots that automate actions especially clicks.


With the global Anycast network powering its DNS, CloudFlare makes sure that your website is available to anyone and everywhere in the world.  

By using DNS, you are able to get instant DNS updates. Besides, its DNS is free for you to set up. In this way, you can get an assistant tool free of charge.


CloudFlare developed the CDN with taking advantages of latest hardware changes and abandoning the legacy of the last 15 years. 

It is helpful to make the CDN easier to set up, more affordable, and perform better than any legacy CDN you have adopted before. 

Therefore, if you have a try, you will get a different proprietary experience.


One of the ways to get a fast page loading speed is to optimize regularly. 

CloudFlare Optimizer is used to optimize your website by minimizing network connections. With it, you can get an optimized network state.


Many webmasters take preventing attacks as a big problem because none of them can monitor their sites all the time.  

With CloudFlare Analytics, you can pass the task to it. It can not only monitor threats for you, but also search  ngine crawlers. Besides, It is helpful for you to do visitors analytic.


Many webmasters find it is difficult to look for a download link when it comes to installing some useful applications. 

Moreover, it always costs too much time for downloading and installing. However, if you use CloudFlare Apps, everything will be easier. 

They can be installed easily to enhance your site no matter what CMS you used to create your site and which web host your are hosting with.


If you abandoned such nice, great and awesome feature of cloudflare I think you are such stupid fella as a blogspot user.

Cloudflare is such useful tool to manage and power all your websites for free, if you want enhance your website's security, improve it's speed and gain other technical support you are advised to use cloudflare on your blogger site.

How To Add Cloudflare On Blogger Site Perfectly

Before you can be able to setup CloudFlare on blogger, you must setup custom domain on your blog first.

Moreover you must turn on HTTPS Availability HTTPS Redirect on your site, to ensure that visits to HTTP redirect to HTTPS always.

Step 1: Visit and click on Sign Up. You'll be bought to a new page, simply enter your email and password then click on Create Account.

Creatr CloudFlare Account

Step 2: After you click on create account from previous step, new page will open just enter your site and click on Add Site.

Add Site On CloudFlare

Step 3: Next step is to select your plan, let us use free plan by selecting it and click on Confirm Plan.

Cloudflare confirm free plan

Step 4: Kindly wait for few seconds while cloudflare is scanning existing dns on your domain.

After they finished, new page will appear, just review your dns records and click on Continue.

Review CloudFlare Dns

Step 5: First determine your domain registrar website, change your nameservers and replace them with cloudflare's nameservers.

Change Nameservers In Qservers

If you're unable to locate your domain nameservers, ask help from your domain provider's support team.

I'm sure they will do this for you.

After you finished updating your nameservers, return to cloudflare and proceed to the next step by clicking on Done, check nameservers.

Change cloudflare nameservers

Step 6 Setup security and speed configuration for your website by:
  • Selecting Full SSL/TLS Encryption Mode
  • Turn On Always Use HTTPS
  • And Tick On All Auto Minify Boxes
Then click on Done to save your settings. 

CloudFlare Security

Step 7: New page will open after you saved step 6 settings, click on Re-check now to activate your site


Note that if your site is not active you must wait for few minutes in some cases an hour before cloudflare detect your new nameservers and activate your site.
When your site becomes active, CloudFlare will email you to let you know that your site is active.

Hi that's all, if you follow above steps properly you can setup cloudflare on your blogger site easily without facing any problem.

This is working, tested and trusted method to add blogger site to cloudflare.

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